Expressions Memory Care

One of the biggest challenges a family can face is finding help for a parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. It can be difficult to find a community that not only provides quality care, but creates an environment in which the affected individual can thrive and live a productive and active life. It is important to find someone who can truly help your loved one, while always treating them with dignity.

Our Expressions memory care program is different. We believe a resident’s well being is directly related to how they feel and interact with the world around them. We have designed a program that makes our residents feel accepted, important, comfortable…at home. Our goal is to become an extended family; creating a buffer against fear and the stress of the illness.

Of course it is our job to provide quality care. It is also our job to keep our residents engaged and fulfilled. Expressions focuses on turning daily activities into memorable and meaningful events. Using innovative care techniques and life enrichment programming, Expressions provides people suffering from dementia, an outlet for creativity through arts, learning, and spirituality.

Expressions embraces the philosophy that “Life is an Activity.”

All of us engage in activities every day; sometimes planned or spontaneous, sometimes simple or elaborate. Activities in memory care should have the same flavor. Based on that philosophy, we have developed a program that nurtures body, heart, soul, and mind. We call our program Expressions of My Life.

All of our Expressions communities use the following Expressions of My Life activities to keep our residents engaged and fulfilled, ultimately improving their quality of life.

The character of our Expressions team is what sets us apart.

Our Expressions staff is carefully selected and trained in caring for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We hire compassionate people and train them in the latest and most advanced forms of memory care. Ours is a very personal business and we take great pride in knowing that we have created a warm and caring culture for our residents and employees.

Expressions emphasizes the importance of self expression

Healthy Expressions

Exercise is very important for persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. In fact, research shows that people who exercise regularly develop Alzheimer’s later in life and regular exercise actually slows the disease. Our Healthy Expressions activities focus on regular physical expression.

Tasty Expressions

Our Tasty Expression activities celebrate the joy and pleasure that can come from food. Food provides nutrition, a chance for socialization, an opportunity to reminisce about favorite foods and recipes. It is a wonderful way to stimulate the senses.

Artistic Expressions

These activities celebrate the creative spirit in us all. Research has established that persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias often experience a spike in creativity. Artistic Expressions celebrate and encourage imagination involving the arts, poetry and music.

Educational Expressions

These Expressions activities emphasize the value and benefit that comes from lifelong learning. We used to believe that persons with dementia could not learn and retain information. Now we know that many can. Even those who are profoundly forgetful, still enjoy the experience of learning.

Spiritual Expressions

Spirituality means different things to different people. For some people, it is a connection with God, or a higher being. For others, it is an experience of awe, focused attention, or mental discipline. Our Spiritual Expressions activities enable each person to develop inner peace through their own spiritual journey.